I am puzzled by Theresa May’s response to the latest terrorist atrocity in London. There has been “far too much tolerance of extremism”, she says. “Enough is enough.” I can imagine a few people were nodding along with that. Until, that is, you take apart her actual words. “Far too much tolerance of extremism?” By whom, exactly? Remind us who was home secretary from 2010 to 2016 and prime minister since then. She she having a pop at herself? And what does “enough is enough” mean? When is “enough enough”?

Now call me old fashioned, but one vicious, cowardly act of terrorism is one too many. It’s more than enough. May is trying to talk tough yet not for the first time she is talking gobbledygook. I do not know a single person who is “tolerant of extremism”. I loathe all extremism whether it comes from the far left and far right of politics, whether it comes from religion or anywhere else. Like the vast majority of people in this country, I would suggest. I don’t walk into my local pub and hear people saying, “You know what? Those suicide murderers – we’re just too tough on them. We should show more toleration for their suicide murders.” Rather the reverse. Friends and acquaintances have different views on what to do with the likes of these islamic fascists – some what internment, others want to deport suspects (even if the were born in the UK), others want to see the terrorists taken to court and punished, preferably before they carry out any attacks. However, all of us, I believe, are pleased that the three sick cowards who attacked innocent people in London last night were shot dead by our brave police officers.

Can politicians please stop treating us as idiots? I am worn out by the tired old rhetoric and soundbites from this most ghastly election campaign, a considerable amount of which is emanating from Theresa May. “When it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change,” she adds, vacuously. This is from the “something must be done” school of thought. “What do we want?” “Something must be done.” When do we want it?” “Now!” “So, what exactly must be done?” “We need to be strong and stable.” Well, thanks for that. We need less of the drivel from Boris Johnson who announced that the country “will not be safe under Jeremy Corbyn”, ask if safety can only be guaranteed under May. Johnson added that “the wells of tolerance are running empty”. What the hell is he on about? As I pointed out above, people have no tolerance for islamic terrorism. Of Johnson’s “well of tolerance” towards terrorism are still not empty, I’d like to ask him why not? Johnson’s buffoon act served him well for a short while, gaining him a large following among people who worship soundbite over substance. But he’s supposed to be a serious politician now. You’d never know.

It will take many years to defeat the terrorists, if we ever manage to defeat them at all. We will need far more than bland soundbites like “something must be done”, “enough is enough” and “far too much tolerance of extremism”. No politician has so far managed to convince me that they have any idea of what to do, especially Mrs May who is now damaged goods and a million miles away from being the “strong and stable” leader she pretended to be.