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I was talking with my latest therapist yesterday and got on to the subject of the British Red Cross, my employer for two years until last December. As well as telling her about my unhappy childhood (he says, playing the world’s smallest violin), she asked me about the occupational therapist I saw whilst still in their employ. To be honest, that appointment was about as useful to myself or the wretched Red Cross as a chocolate teapot but I was reminded of one thing I read in her report: I was “emotionally weak”.

Unlike Michael Gove, I usually believe in experts, people who are specialists in their field. This occupational therapist seemed cold, distant and disinterested in me the person. I put this down to her slick professionalism. I had arrived, I have to admit, almost broken by the Red Cross, so I was at times flaky and tearful. There was no reaction to this at all. Weeks later, I was sent a copy of the report which, in my opinion, was a complete waste of money, time and energy. The only real conclusion was that I was “emotionally weak”. (Not often you get two successive paragraphs ending with the same two words.)

I suppose I was emotionally weak, but this is not my default position. My new therapist picked up on this straight away in a way I hadn’t, which explains why she’s a therapist and I am a patient. I was emotionally weak because I had been battered into that state by my manager at the Red Cross and her like-minded superiors. And I was emotionally weak because I had suffered a mental breakdown on top of the usual depression and anxiety. In other words, it was not my fault.

Actually, I think I have been emotionally strong for most of the time, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today and I wouldn’t have been able to hold down a responsible job for 39 years. Until yesterday, I imagined that the occupational therapist knew her stuff, so I just had to go along with it. Now I don’t think that at all.

All that’s happened is that I have even more contempt for the British Red Cross who I feel that, more and more, they failed me. And their occupational therapist was as independent from the Red Cross as Theresa May is independent of the Conservative Party.

I’m not as weak as you think, British Red Cross, and as you can’t bring yourself to apologise for the conduct of your staff, you’ll be reading a lot more stuff like this in the coming weeks and months.

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