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Easter Saturday music shuffle 15/4

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Easter Saturday music shuffle 15/4

Easter Saturday, the sun is shining, the coffee is flowing (too early for beer – seriously) and there’s music everywhere, belting out from my Man Cave, as the iPod does its random stuff.

I think this is going to be a good one.

1. Duets by Breaks Co-Op. No, me neither, but it’s a very chilled little number from Tom Middleton’s excellent ‘The Trip Part 1’ compilation.

2. Paranoid Android by Radiohead. This gem hails, of course, from the mighty OK Computer. “When I am King, you will be first up against the wall”, one of my favourite lines ever.

3. Smokebelch II by the Sabres of Paradise. Some lush Cafe del Mar music to wash all over you.

4. Junior’s Farm by Steve Miller. From the Art of McCartney, the mighty Mr Miller makes this rocker all his own.

5. Fernando by Abba. From that classic album ‘Abba Gold’.

6. Barbers Adagio for Strings by William Orbit. More Ibiza chill out stuff from William ‘Orbit’ Wainwright.

7. Rubber Bullets by 10cc. The classic 10cc line up with a classic 10cc tune, with vocals from Creme and Godley, in that order. Best line: “We’ve all got balls and brains, but some’s got balls and chains.”

8. Fine for now by Grizzly Bear. From the Veckatimest LP, a cracker from the American indies.

9. Shadows by Barry Gibb. From the latest BG effort and it’s triffic. The old boy can still cut a decent tune although every ‘S’ sounds like an ‘Esh’ these days. Some Spanish influences here.

10. Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem. A perfect way to end the shuffle. A bit Human League now and then but truly and utterly magnificent.

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