The real heroes of last night’s Panorama about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party were the former staff members who bravely came forward to expose Labour’s bullying and racism. I was not particularly shocked by the news that Labour has become an anti-Semitic sewer under Jeremy Corbyn, given his past associations and the kind of people he attracts. However, I was deeply moved by the stories of the former staff members, who were overwhelmingly young people, and the effects on their lives.

Particularly distressing were the effects to their mental health. One person spoke of suffering a nervous breakdown, another contemplated suicide. I appreciate I am passing judgement on people I don’t know on the basis of a TV programme but everything resonated with me. They were telling the truth.

It is not easy to stand up against a giant behemoth of an organisation. I have been there and done it. It has the power to silence, to influence and deny. It can make you question your own judgement, it can frighten you to death. More than that, it can make you mentally ill. Nervous breakdowns and suicide come at the extreme end of mental illness.

Predictably, the testimony of the victims doesn’t impress Labour’s cult following who have denounced the victims as ‘bitter Blairites’, ‘politically motivated’, ‘right wing’, ‘disaffected’ and, astonishingly given the nature of the allegations made against Corbyn’s Labour, ‘apologists for Israel’. These comments, lest we forget, to bright young people who, by their whistle-blowing, have risked their livelihoods, future employment prospects and mental health to drain Labour’s Jew-hating swamp.

Labour’s full-blooded response and denunciation of the whistle-blowers was typical of the kind of people who run today’s Labour Party. Thugs, bullies and abusers. Indeed, the ‘kinder, gentler politics’ promised by Corbyn was the biggest lie of all.

The response of the former journalist and now political activist and unelected Corbyn outrider Owen Jones who was sent out for media duties was to describe Panorama as being ‘not honest’. I thought the precise opposite. The BBC did the country a great service by placing the hate and loathing of so-called Corbynism under the spotlight.

Labour is beyond saving under its current ownership and leadership. At least you now know what you are voting for if you choose to vote Labour. Not only are the comrades breathtakingly incompetent, they are an anti-Semitic cabal. Racist, in other words.