I don’t really know why I watched Crimewatch tonight. I knew in advance what some of the content would be, but I was drawn to it, I suppose, because there might just be someone I recognised in the rogues gallery. As it was, it didn’t matter, because I didn’t, but I was left feeling physically sick.

It takes a lot to make me feel that way, but Crimewatch managed it with a truly shocking story about two six year old girls who were sexually assaulted by an unknown person at Legoland in the Castaway Camp area. To say he touched them inappropriately is a a huge understatement. I don’t want to add anymore but if you think the worst you will not be far wrong. A man – if you can call him a man – hid in one of the dark play areas and when the girls went in he assaulted them. This is beyond depraved. I am trying to imagine how and why he did what he did.

What was he thinking when he set off for Legoland on 11 August 2016? Presumably, it didn’t just happen, did it? Was it part of some perverted master plan? Or was it spur of the moment? We have no way of knowing any of these things so let’s not indulge ourselves in wild speculation but the sickness I felt in my stomach was real.

I am not by nature a hanger and flogger, but I wobble when I hear stories like this. I am not sure I would show restraint if I came across someone I knew to have carried out such an act. For this person, it probably gives him a kick. He probably thinks he’s “normal”. Go out, commit one of the most vile crimes of them all and then go home for dinner. What kind of mind can do that? It cannot possibly be a one-off, can it, because we are what we are. Straight, gay, bi – it’s what we are. Hard though it is to imagine a sick paedophile carrying out an act we see as unforgivable as something that turns him on, that’s how it is. I’m not sure there is a cure for this. Unless the person concerned has some kind of mental illness. Most people I know who suffer from a mental illness are more likely to harm themselves. I tell myself: keep an open mind.

“Don’t have nightmares”, said the former host Nick Ross, at the end of each Crimewatch, and he was right because crimes like these are extremely rare. The worry is that these poor young girls may have enough nightmares to last a lifetime, as will their mothers who will, wrongly, as you will see when you follow the facts, feel guilt themselves.

The perpetrator has to be found and found soon. As things stand, I am not even thinking about the punishment and whether it fits the crime. I just want him out of picture, held in police custody and tried in a court of law. It won’t be very nice for him when he is finally caught, but I don’t care about that, regardless of any excuse he gives. Because no excuse can be good enough.

I did wonder whether I could still be shocked. I was by this gruesome story and my heart goes out to the little innocent girls and their families. As Peter Cook’s character E L Wisty once said: “Justice must not only be done – but be seen to be believed.” That doesn’t alway happen, does it?