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Done up like a kipper

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Done up like a kipper

News emerges tonight that Labour MPs will, in the parliamentary sense, be whipped by Jeremy Corbyn to support Theresa May’s hard Brexit and will be told to vote to leave the Single Market. You could not make it up.

If May was the cynical opportunist, switching from remain to leave when the chance of becoming PM came along, then I don’t know how to describe the behaviour of Labour’s leader. Millions of people, especially, but not solely, younger people, voted Labour on 8th June precisely because they did not want a hard Brexit or, in my case, did not want Brexit at all. It is surely a matter of fact by now that leaving the EU will have a profound effect on our economy and our standard of living, the only question is by how much. And when May and Corbyn drone on about securing the “best possible Brexit deal” for Britain, they know full well that whatever the government comes up with will be worse than what we already have.

Remainers are appalled by the prospect of leaving the single market, the customs union and the ending of free movement and whilst we are at it, let’s be crystal clear that ending freedom of movement applies to Brits as well as those wretched Europeans who want to come and work here. This is an aspect of Brexit that I am not certain everyone appreciates. A large part of the electorate has gambled that May and co will be able to negotiate the very free movement for themselves that they do not want for those pesky Europeans.

I wonder how this will play out with the hordes of young Corbyn fans who chanted his name at the Glastonbury festival. “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” they sang over and over again. The unlikely hero whose revived policies from the 1980s which helped bring about…er…many years more of Margaret Thatcher’s government than we might otherwise have had, has inspired a new generation, given them the chance to dream. Jeremy Corbyn’s honest, straight talking politics is here. Except that it is anything but honest, straight talking politics.

Labour pulled off a Derren Brown-style conjuring trick at the election by facing all ways on Brexit or, when it suited, by facing no ways at all. However much the worthless May tried to bring the election back to leave the EU, Labour simply ignored her. Now Brexit talks have begun and Corbyn has a lot of explaining to do.

During the referendum campaign last year, Corbyn attended 11 pro remain rallies. For his own re-election campaign he attended 53. He was not, and was never, a remainer. Corbyn has always opposed the EU and what’s more he has always opposed the single market. His views on the EU are identical to his mentor Tony Benn, who at least maintained his leave position throughout his political career. In my opinion, Corbyn has shamelessly sought to attract the youth vote, certainly the well-educated, affluent middle classes to support what is, in effect, an anti-EU party. Corbyn apparatchik Paul Mason, who is part of the leader’s inner circle, stated quite clearly yesterday that if you were a remainer, you had no place in Labour and you should go off and form your own party. Don’t kid yourself: Mason is only saying what those around Corbyn are saying.

When Corbyn was creaming himself on the Pyramid stage at Pilton, I don’t remember him saying that he was going to force his MPs to support a hard Brexit, probably because he didn’t say it, but that is what is going to happen.

There is no doubting Corbyn’s success on 8th June but it was built, at least in part, on a lie. If the young believed that Labour, in its current guise, was going to stop a hard Brexit and the damaging consequences it would have on their lives, they were sadly mistaken. They, more than any group in society, will suffer because of Brexit in general and a hard Brexit in particular. When will they wake up to the fact that Corbyn is about to sell their futures down the river by backing Theresa May?

Our exit from the EU has been shrouded in lies and deception and it is clear lies and deception have been the stock in trade of the leave campaigns. But so they have been in Labour’s high command.

The truth for young people who saw Corbyn as an unlikely saviour from hard Brexit is that they’ve been had, done up like a kipper and that Labour’s accidental leader is just as likely to sell them out as Theresa May.

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