One thing we need to bear in mind about the Covid-19 pandemic is that we are not all behaving like twats. We are not all panic-buying toilet rolls (I can’t get anymore in my freezer anyway), we are not driving off to take our dogs for a walk, we are not all spitting at police officers, we are not all childminding our grandchildren, we are not all meeting in gangs in the park. Most of us are Doing The Right Thing and let’s not forget it.

I know it’s easy to let off steam on social networks about the stupid and irresponsible behaviour of others and it some instances it’s probably cathartic to do so. When most of us are trying to minimise infection and stop people dying, it is galling when others, many of whom should and indeed do know better, carry on as if nothing has happening.

My guess is that this minority has got elderly relatives just like most of us and that they would do anything to protect them. It’s just that everyone else’s elderly relatives don’t matter so much as their own. Or maybe it hasn’t even occurred to them?

I prefer to concern myself with those who love their neighbours and don’t particularly want to bring about their premature deaths. They don’t want to go on unnecessary drives which, if things went awfully wrong could involve the presence of already hard-pressed emergency services, breakdown folk and in the worst case scenario extra work for hospital staff. I can’t imagine a single person who works for the NHS defying government edicts because they’re too busy trying to keep thousands of people alive. If I was an NHS employee, I’d be absolutely livid at the minority who are making their lives even more difficult.

Most of us went outside on Thursday night to applaud our NHS workers. The best thing we can do from now on is to actively support them by doing what we’re told.