Imagine my surprise when I saw this tweet. Michael Jackson wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year. It’s not possible to be less healthy than Wacko Jacko, so what on earth is this all about?

Without checking the facts – why change a lifetime’s habit? – I am guessing that Michael himself did not actually tweet this festive greeting itself. Either his estate put it out in his name or the message came from the spirit world, which – spoiler alert, here – does not exist.

The estate is probably trying to keep his name alive, at least among his fans, for reasons of nostalgia and by raking in a few extra bob in by way of royalties. Either way, Michael’s tweet, with his gurning face at the heart of it, is a wee bit creepy and odd.

On the grounds that he is dead, Michael is resting in peace right now, either as part of a pot of ashes or in an advanced state of decomposition underground. He died an innocent man, at least in the eyes of the law, and my thoughts are more likely to be with his (alleged) victims of abuse.

I’ll accept the greetings for the New Year, even though dead people can’t tweet.