Not really a blog but here are some mask-wearing observations.

I watched Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons. All Labour, SNP, Lib Dem MPs wore a mask. Barely 25%, if that, of Conservative MPs bothered.

More locally, I’ve been to three supermarkets in the last two days. Here are my completely unscientific observations:


Around 75/80% mask wearers yesterday, slightly less than that today. Today was at a busier time than yesterday but the ratio looked about the same. The non wearers were mainly young men and those in late middle age of both sexes. I found it slightly disconcerting. A lot of staff not wearing masks, too. Sainsburys have removed the plastic barriers at the self-service tills.


A much older demographic and it was mainly people in late middle age not wearing masks, although there were young men not wearing them too. Few staff wearing masks. Overall, around 60/70% mask wearing. Very disconcerting to see young people at the salad bar not wearing masks.


Large numbers of children in store and none of them had masks on and neither did many staff. Mask wearing looked about 50/50 to me, but if you discounted the children it was probably somewhere near 60%. You can now enter through any door you choose.



As a sneeringly superior virtue signaller, I wore my mask in each place. This was to protect my fellow man. Social distancing felt broadly the same as it has been throughout.

I note that our local church is open on Sunday and apart from mask-wearing is expected, although you can sit wherever the hell* you like. Let’s hope our local Godwhackers show the type of restraint that some of their number accuse others of not doing. But don’t expect God to protect anyone. He’s been AWOL ever since the pandemic began.

With only 1421 cases per 100k in Stoke Gifford – the highest number in the region – it’s clearly the responsible thing to do to have a church free for all with added singing.

Stay safe, people.

  • Not literally hell. But that’s how church feels to me every time I go in one.