I’m still in two minds about whether to clap for carers tomorrow night. I am pretty sure I will because the NHS is the greatest achievement in the history of Britain and along with carers, they are the best of us. I’m still feeling queasy about clapping along with Boris Johnson and his toe rag ministers. Today, Johnson, who readily admits his life was saved by, among others, foreign nurses, cheerily confirmed that those same foreign nurses would still have to pay £624 a year to use the NHS in which they work.

Priti Patel, our useless home secretary, would not be here in this country if Britain hadn’t allowed her Ugandan-Asian parents to settle here after Idi Amin kicked them out. Indeed, former chancellor Sajid Javid’s dad came here from Pakistan with nothing and drove a bus to put food on the table of his family.

Strange how Patel holds foreign workers in contempt. She’d must hate her own parents.

My daily exercise routine is proceeding reasonably well, at least on the days I have the motivation to get out. Excluding yesterday, I’ve been out on most recent days and, God, I need to given my current levels of fitness.

I usually try to combine my exercise with a little trainspotting and to that end on Monday I went to Filton Abbey Wood station where I saw a couple of sprinters and that was it. However, the new silence rather ruined the trip.

Roaring through nearby

Bristol Parkway station, I could hear, but not see, a Class 37 diesel locomotive. I don’t know what that says about me. I felt slightly pissed off, too, I am embarrassed to say, that I had missed seeing it.

I know the main thing is that I have, so far, survived this pandemic. Why I was so annoyed about not seeing a diesel locomotive is hard to explain.

Watching Boris Johnson at prime minister’s questions today reminded me of why so many people hate politicians. Oddly, Johnson is relatively popular compared with most politicians but he’s also the biggest liar of the lot.

Once again outgunned by new Labour leader Keir Starmer, Johnson resorted to insult, bluster and, finally, outright lies. It’s like he has learned enormous lessons over the years by his own actions in the EU referendum in 2016 and by the sordid presidency of Donald Trump.

In Johnson and Trump land, there is no point in telling a little white lie when you can get away with a filthy black one. Today, for example, Johnson repeated the lie, for the umpteenth time, that his government would be building 40 new hospitals and in addition 50,000 new nurses would be recruited. Worst of all, Johnson knows it’s a lie, but he doesn’t care. Is it any wonder many people are ignoring the new government rules on social distancing? You can’t believe a word he says.

You’re most likely to catch COVID-19 at home. I was startled to read that, but apparently it’s true. How could this be? We’ve been told for months that we must stay at home to avoid spreading the virus. I suppose it must be people going to work, catching the virus and bringing it home or people simply ignoring the rules on allowing non household members into your household.

I can only imagine how frontline health workers feel about people inviting non household members into their home? Imagine spending your working life, treating people who have acquired this ghastly virus and then seeing Wayne Scrote and his family holding a barbecue with all manner of family and friends? They must be in despair. So many of our health and care workers have died in this pandemic. Don’t be a twat. Think of them.

I bumped into my barber today. He reckons he could be cutting hair again in early July. I bloody hope so because my hair is starting to look ridiculous for a man of my age.

I did think, briefly, of buying some clippers but when I saw others whose hair was being cut by an untrained third party, I was reminded that there is actually an art to cutting hair. You don’t just pick it up by buying clippers and I reckon I’d look even worse with an amateur hair cut. Anyway, I’m not going out or doing anything so who is going to look and think, “His hair is a bit shit!” The woman at Sainsbury’s who accepts my Guardian voucher?

Finally, I didn’t see Giacomo ‘Jack’ Lopresti asking a question at PMQs. I shouldn’t be surprised since the dishonourable member for Filton and Bradley Stoke only seems to ask questions about the military. But on a day when massive job cuts were announced at Rolls Royce, where literally thousands of his constituents work, where was Jack?

Rolls Royce makes aircraft engines at Patchway and the jobs it provides are good, well paid jobs. If men are made redundant in large numbers during what is going to be the longest and deepest recession of our lifetimes, the simple fact is there are no good, well paid jobs for the men to apply for.

Lopresti should have been up in the House of Commons, demanding that Boris Johnson act to save these good jobs. Lose these skilled jobs and skilled workers and they will be gone forever, denied to future generations, too. He has been a terrible MP for FABS. If he allows good jobs to drain away without lifting a finger, I sincerely hope voters remember at the next general election. Actually, I hope they get rid of him anyway.