A phone call this morning from my friend who has been proof-reading my book about Corfu. To cut a long story short – and these are my words – I could do a lot better and it needs a major rewrite. It’s going to get one.

I suspect that a few years ago I might not have dealt too well with criticism, constructive though it was. It is far nicer when people tell you the things you maybe want to hear rather the things you need to hear. But what I, as a still virgin author, needed was someone who could tell me what was wrong and what could be better.

Strangely – and I surprised myself, here – I was actually happy to hear what I do not actually regard as bad news. I love writing, as my loyal reader well knows, and if I put something out there that was below the standards I normally set myself, I don’t suppose it would do me, or more importantly the people who buy the end product (if anyone does!), any good. Write one crap book, then who would be interested in a sequel, even if that sequel was far better?

This does mean a delay, of course, which could conceivably see publication early next year rather than later this, and I apologise to the many millions of you who have been waiting for your signed copy.

“Can do better”, eh? Reminds me of just about every school report I ever had and if it was true then, it is certainly true now.