It’s weird, isn’t it, how no one ever gets cancer and rejects conventional scientifically proven treatment in favour of, say, the services of a hypnotherapist, an aromatherapist or a motivational speaker. There’s some logic to it because if you’re unlucky enough to be afflicted with a serious physical illness, you want to get treatment that may actually cure you. The same thing never seems to apply to mental illness.

I see adverts for all sorts of nonsense on social networks – that’s what social networks are for, I guess – but quack cures for mental illness really wind me up.

To labour the point yet again, I have issues with depression and anxiety and have had them for pretty well all my life. I’ve had loads of treatment by way of therapists and counsellors, some of whom were actually known as ‘Mister’ in the hospital. They’ve helped me scrape through to relatively old age, by a combination of therapy and drugs. And why have they worked to some extent or other? Because they are clinically proven to work, that’s why.

The term conventional treatment means what it says. Conventional treatment is proven to be effectively to some degree or other. The rest is fluff. Unconventional treatment means quackery, fake cures, probably conceived as a handy way of making money from credulous people.

I’ve attended a few meetings attended by ‘motivational speakers’ and I have to report that every single one, without fail, talked absolute bollocks. They gave real life, personally lived, experiences and they were supposed to change our lives. They were supposed to motivate by way of employing buzzwords and, frankly, bullshit.

Imagine trading as someone who can help you defeat depression or anxiety through motivational speaking, having zero by way of clinical expertise or medical knowledge? I’d call that stealing a living, pretending that an illness – because that’s what these things actually are – can be treated with a few buzzwords and a plate full of worthless business speak.

Non-medical treatment for mental illness is about as worthwhile as non-medical treatment for cancer, which is to say it’s a complete waste of money and time.

I’m not being taken in by these cynical bullshitters. I’m not being told that I can just ‘snap out of it” by listening to some tosser who knows a few fancy Dan phrases. And just remember: if you think you are suffering from mental illness, seek out a professional, not a professional con-man.