Not before time, the government is going to announce it wants to properly fund social care. It will, inevitably, involve tax rises which Al ‘You can call me Boris’ Johnson always said would never happen. But Johnson is a liar, not just about tax rises but everything else. It’s one promise I would support him breaking, providing the tax increase is fair.

For too long, people who have worked hard and played by the rules have suffered in old age. Scrimp and save to buy a house and set aside some money for savings and then you end up with dementia and the value of your house and your savings are swallowed up with social care costs. Don’t have a house, don’t have savings; don’t worry: the state steps in. I know it’s not as simple as that but no one can seriously see fairness in this system.

Johnson, it appears, prefers increasing national insurance and so do 82% of over 65s. What a coincidence that old people support additional NI which they don’t pay for a new system for which they would be the biggest beneficiaries. Don’t take the piss, Al. We all have to contribute. You have shafted young people, through tuition fees, cuts in education spending and of course Brexit. Us old codgers should be required to pay our bit.

I suspect the government will say something along the lines of you won’t have to pay more than £100,000 of the value of your house and capital towards your care costs. I haven’t thought it through completely, but would this not benefit the very wealthiest people? Much as I don’t like means testing, I do wonder if it may have to apply in this instance.

Still, it’s good that Johnson is thinking about it. I hope that he reaches out to other political parties so we come to a compromise by cross-party consensus. Take the decision out of the political arena. Let’s all agree to do the right thing by older people, many of whom have escaped the worst effects of the last 11 years of Tory government, and by the young ones too. No one wants to pay extra taxes but do we really want to see people losing everything they worked for to line the pockets of people who run care homes?