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Can I have my money back?

0 Comments 10 January 2018

Can I have my money back?

Given that Liverpool are offering compensation to supporters who bought replica shirts with Coutinho 15 on the back, I wonder if Bristol Rovers might come up with something similar for my mug which I received for Christmas in 2016. The players named are Easter, Taylor, Johansen, Colkett and Lines. Of these, only Lines remains as a player and I fear my footballing days are behind me.

This is a always a problem when buying merchandise. Named mugs have a limited shelf-life – mine was about a month – and shirts are little better. I used to buy replica shirts until I was in my early 40s when I realised just how ridiculous they look on middle aged men, or in fact anyone who isn’t actually a footballer. And when have you ever seen a real life player wearing an XXXXXXXXXL shirt?

Taylor raked in some £300k for the Gas so I’ll settle for half of that to take account of my distress.

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