I did enjoy the Christmas Doctor Who. Not that I understood what was going on – I never do – but the acting of Peter Capaldi, of the bloke who was playing William Hartnell playing the first Doctor, Bill and the excellent dalek kept it watchable, if unfathomable. Can’t they go back to the old days, just a little bit?

I’m getting tired of the Doctor saving the world. I preferred the story lines when Jon Pertwee played the great man and was confined to earth due to cuts at the BBC. He’d go around with the Brigadier, whose long lost relative appeared in the Christmas edition, doing things like discovering giant maggots in a coal mine and finding that they mutated due to nuclear waste, or something similar. I could understand that. The last few years have been painful for me.

There is now a change of Doctor and an even more welcome change of writer. I am delighted with the choice of Jodie Whittaker and couldn’t care less whether some people are sniffy about having a mere woman in the TARDIS. I keep needing to point out to folk that the Doctor is not actually a real person and the writers and producers can do whatever they like with her/him. Whittaker is a brilliant actor and she will be brilliant in the role.

Just keep the stories simple for people like me who are simple. Keep it a bit mad because the very idea of Doctor Who is a bit mad. And if there are complaints about women and those of other ethnic groups in the show, then just ignore them; that’s just ugly Britain right now and some of us are working to change that, okay?