It would be quite wrong to attack Diane Abbott on the grounds she is a black woman. You can say, quite reasonably, that it is simply beyond belief that someone so useless can become a shadow secretary of state at one of the great offices of state on the simple grounds that it is. And then she tweets this: “Any Labour Breakaway Will Only Embolden The Tories And Hurt Those Already Suffering Under Their Rule.” It is not just the bizarre use of capital letters, it ignores the current state of the Labour Party which is causing some members to leave. As ever, Abbott speaks in slogans.

Abbott is clearly referring to speculation that a number of MPs are considering leaving Labour to set up a new left of centre mainstream party as a result of the takeover by a hard left coalition of Maoists, Stalinists, Marxists and Trots. Many of us believe the situation is irretrievable, that the party is now under complete control of the far left and the direction of Labour makes it a party we cannot support. Added to that, Labour is drowning in anti-Semitism with a leader who has a long history of association with Jew-hating extremists all over the world. The latter is, in itself, sufficient reason for many to desert Labour.

The position of Luciana Berger, the MP for Wavertree, is a good example of where Labour has gone. Berger is an exceptional campaigner against anti-Semitism and for improving mental health treatment, arguably the best and most effective campaigner in the House of Commons. She is also from the mainstream left, unlike the comrades who control her constituency Labour Party (CLP). Berger has also suffered from the most appalling anti-Semitic abuse over the years, to the extent that she has required police protection at the Labour Conference – the Labour Conference – and some people have even been sent to prison for abusing her. Put her political stance and her Jewishness together and who was surprised when her local party proposed a motion of no confidence in her for being critical of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s hopelessly useless and incompetent leader? As well as that, the horrendous abuse and threats continue and Berger, who is eight months pregnant, has to put up with that. Who can blame her if – and I don’t know if this is true – she is considering her position in the party? I left Labour almost as soon as Corbyn was elected leader and, following a lifetime of supporting and being a member of Labour, I honestly cannot see me voting for them ever again. So let’s examine Abbott’s comments.

“Any Labour Breakaway Will Only Embolden The Tories And Hurt Those Already Suffering Under Their Rule.” It’s certainly a point of view, but to my mind it is a flawed point of view. The shadow home secretary turns over-simplification into a near art form. With the party drifting to the far left fringes, led by an IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah supporting leader who has always hated America, as well as taken large sums of money from Iran to make TV shows for them and who many believe is a racist, a full-on anti-Semite, Abbott says we must stick with Corbyn and the comrades like Seumas Milne who operate his strings. Well, no. if Labour was taken over by Stephen Laxley-Lennon and Nigel Farage, I would not stay and admire the view. And nor would I with this version of Labour.

Corbyn deliberately keeps the most talented Labour MPs on the backbenches, promoting instead lightweights and buffoons like Richard Burgon, Rebecca Long Bailey, Barry Gardiner and, yes, Abbott herself. The real talents, like Hilary Benn, Rachel Reeves, Yvette Cooper and of course Luciana Berger are kept away from the frontbench because they do not slavishly adhere to the cult of Corbyn. If they don’t, they “Will Only Embolden The Tories”. If Labour was really a broad church, Corbyn would reach out to all his colleagues and put together a front bench of all the talents, but his project, or rather Seumas Milne and Jon Lansman’s project, is solely about advancing the hard left cause.

Abbott is not the only idiot in the room: Corbyn’s Labour is full of them. They demand the slavish loyalty they themselves refused Labour before they seized control and turned the party into a hard left cult. No responsible and sensible mainstream left of centre Labour person is going to go along with that.

When Labour self-destructs, as it surely will, it will the comrades who will have to own the consequences, as well as the likes of Ed Miliband who changed the party rules in order to enable the hard left takeover.

I don’t believe Corbyn will ever be PM, nor, thank goodness, Abbott home secretary. Labour is in the throes of death and I don’t think anything or anyone can save it.