Credit where credit is due. I continue to be highly critical of the government in general and Boris Johnson in particular over the government’s actions during the Covid-19 crisis. Two months were wasted when we should have been learning about what was coming down the track from China. Insufficient testing and inadequate social distancing. Mixed messaging and always behind the curve. Apart from that, I’m with the 93% of the country who thinks Johnson is doing a great job.

Tonight, flanked by our top medical and science chiefs, Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance, Johnson appeared finally to had got on top of his brief. The clown act, which re-appeared briefly at prime minister’s questions today, was happily absent, he gave the right messages and deferred to the experts his oppo Michael Gove scorned, when he announced “people have had enough of experts.” Oh no, they haven’t.

There was nothing for Johnson to announce and he wisely stuck to his script, at the end speaking direct to camera to thank the public for their efforts, not least the 405,000 people who have asked to volunteer their services for the NHS. I thought that was well-judged too and was the exact opposite of David Cameron’s slogan that we lived in ‘Broken Britain’. No, we aren’t and no it isn’t.

405,000 people volunteering to help, 11,000 ex workers coming back to help in the NHS – there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful. And the sheer good of so many people must always be born in mind when considering the cretinous handful of moronic idiots who set fire to two food delivery fans in Bristol. All being well, the long arm of the law will catch up with these people and put them in bars for the foreseeable, or better still unforeseeable, future. Don’t waste your energy getting angry with them. They’re not worth it.

There are test kits coming too, so that will give hope that we can find out how many people have had this wretched virus.

Things aren’t getting better and they’re going to get worse, much worse. But somewhat belatedly the prime minister seems to have got some semblance of a grip of the situation.

I’m sure he hasn’t changed and Boris Johnson is still a man with only a passing regard for the truth who does nothing in life unless it benefits him personally. But, as we say, credit where credit is due. Time will tell if history shows him to have been a great leader who took all the right moves or a clown without the make-up responsible for the death of thousands. In the meantime, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. There’s no alternative, is there?