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Battered nor broken

Comments Off on Battered nor broken 15 May 2018

At last I’ve got the prospect of some mental health treatment just over the near horizon. I’ve been offered therapy in June and I am going to bite off the NHS’s hand, probably quite literally, if it’s confirmed.

I’ll leave a very short blog with this. We are a million miles away from parity between physical and mental ill health, something I have discovered to my absolute horror in the last couple of years. The stigma is, in my opinion, worse, far worse, than it ever was. If I had been ill with, say, cancer, I’d have been treated very differently than I have with severe clinical depression.

The empty promises of here today, gone tomorrow politicians hang heavy in the air. Remember how Theresa May was going to prioritise mental health? Lying cow. It was mere weasel words from a weasel of a politician whose principles don’t extend beyond ensuring she remains prime minister.

It’s come just in time, too. I am battered but not quite broken. Another year or so. Well, it’s best that I leave that one hanging in the air.

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