Just in case you were taken in by it, Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘offer’ to be a time-limited prime minister after toppling Boris Johnson in a no confidence motion in the House of Commons, may I gently point out it was cynical politicking. Those of us who are already utterly cynical and distrustful of politicians will not be surprised. Others, naively believing Corbyn stood for a different kind of ‘straight talking, honest politics’, will surely be appalled.

Corbyn, or rather his organ-grinders, know full well the arithmetic is against him. There is also concern among the higher echelons of the people’s party that Labour in general and Corbyn in particular will be blamed for the disastrous consequences of a no deal Brexit. After all, Corbyn is a lifelong opponent of the EU and no one seriously believes he has somehow changed his mind. That’s why he has been slippery and evasive on Labour’s policy on Europe ever since he became Labour leader. He’s a leaver through and through but his ‘top team’ are aware that Labour members are remain through and through. By obfuscating throughout, he’s managed to keep his fan club largely intact. Today, Labour moved to shift blame.

The target of Corbyn’s blame-shifting is Jo Swinson, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. Swinson, rather than Boris Johnson, has been seen as Labour’s main enemy since she was elected. By announcing from the start that she would work with Labour, but not with Corbyn (nominally) in charge, she set out her stall. Now, if a crash out no deal Brexit happens, Labour will say it was not to blame. Corbyn wanted to do a deal but the Lib Dems blocked it. It really is as simply and nasty as that.

Swinson now has to hold her nerve. Yes, we urgently need a coalition of all the talents and we need it sooner rather than later. Brexit is being driven by an extreme right government, led by a new prime minister, Boris Johnson, who is literally talking the language of Goebbels. (I am not saying Johnson is a fascist. He is using the words of fascists. That’s different, at least for now.) The hard left, represented by Corbyn and the comrades, also supports Brexit. They are disaster socialists who relish the collapse of the country as a golden opportunity to bring about pure socialism in one country.

In the middle, there must be an alliance representing the mainstream of British politics, ranging from Labour to Conservative and the entire centre ground within. A temporary alliance, of course, but one that must happen in the true national interest.

Make no mistake, Britain stands at the precipice of disaster and a choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn is no kind of choice at all.

It’s coming down to a binary choice between a crash out Brexit and no Brexit at all. And the option that some of us prefer, which would be the softest imaginable Brexit, retaining free movement, staying in both the single market and customs union, is not on the table, barring a remarkable change of national heart.

Decent women and men must now step to the fore to save us from Johnson’s catastrophic Brexit and Corbyn’s cynical gambit..

Confused? You’re meant to be. Johnson, Corbyn and co will be thrilled to hear it.