“Are these the morons who ruined Christmas?” yelled the Daily Hate Mail, alongside a photograph of two people who were arrested in connection with the drone sightings that closed Gatwick Airport late last week. It turns the answer is no. They’ve been released without charge on the grounds that they have committed no offence. Not a good look for the Mail, is it?

No surprise, though, that the Mail should get het up about what is, let’s be honest, a middle class story. That is not to dismiss the delays and cancellations that may well have ruined Christmas for some people. Far from it. My brother and his family are coming to the UK from Canada for Christmas and I would be devastated if their visit was shortened or even cancelled.

It’s just a shame the Mail doesn’t feel such sympathy for the large numbers of homeless people and rough sleepers. If I was editor of the Mail, I would employ the same headline but change the story to homelessness and use a picture of David Cameron, George Osborne and Theresa May to show that actually they are the morons that ruined Christmas for some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the land.