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And then it’s winter

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And then it's winter

The warmest May since records began and today, in Bristol, temperatures reached 26c. Happy sunny days, indeed.

My partner and I always book one of those Sun holidays in the week before the second May bank holiday. I am no weather expert but we have learned in recent years to not mess with the formula because every year we have been away, the weather is at worst good and at best, like the week before last, absolutely wonderful.

We have all heard, and sometimes used, the argument that if the weather was like this all the time, no one would go abroad. It’s only an argument. It’s not a fact. I do know that I loved the 90 minute drive to Devon far more than the best part of half a day getting to a Greek island. But, because the weather isn’t like this all the time, we go abroad.

We’ve been to Corfu a great deal in recent years because we love the idea that you are largely guaranteed lots of sunshine. It’s the main reason I want to go anywhere in the summer. I don’t do sightseeing and the only variation I enjoy is to visit a different beach or sunbed every few days. As long as I can grill gently, read a book, listen to my music and have the occasional cold one, that’s a five star holiday.

If I went to Cornwall for example, I’d be guaranteed far better beer than I’d get anywhere abroad. I’d be able to eat out in a huge variety of places, from pubs, to gastropubs to cafes and restaurants and I’d be able to get home in a few hours. But in all likelihood I’d need to take my wet gear with me, especially in July and August. In Greece and Spain, I don’t even take a pair of full length trousers or a warm top. I don’t need them.

I am certainly not one of those who gloats about the great weather I am enjoying in, say, Greece when my friends are holidaying in the UK, shivering in their tents and caravans, trying to keep their kids entertained. I’ve even become slightly guilty about those “I’m at the airport” type posts on Facebook because part of me always adds, somewhat guiltily, “and you’re not”. And I certainly look back to the times when I would post literally dozens of pictures of me having fun and not thought too much about those who might not be.

This was the best May ever in the UK and I would not have missed it for the world. The weekend just ending was absolutely glorious and I am not going to pretend I would have rather been anywhere else. The law of averages suggests we will somehow pay for having all this nice weather now and that time will be when the kids break up from school in July and August. I know about this stuff because my childhood memories are pretty well all of sitting in a caravan in West Bay with the rain beating down and the whole family trudging to the communal toilets because in those days caravans rarely had toilets!

Wherever you are going on holiday this year, I hope you love it. My advice, if you’d asked me, would have been to have gone away in late May and not in the summer. I’m afraid we know how this ends. And then it’s winter.

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