Photo: Channel 4 News, 20 Mar 2020

It’s very obvious what is happening in our country right now. Here’s how I see it:

All stages of the emergency Coronavirus Bill will be completed tonight. This will give the government the powers it needs to put the country under lockdown. As I write, the debate is going on in the House of Commons and there is no serious difference of opinion between the government and the opposition.

Whilst this is going on, the government COBRA committee is meeting. This meeting will determine the next steps in the fight against Covid-19.

The usual news update is not taking place today but the prime minister may address the country later tonight, quite possibly after both the COBRA meeting and the Commons vote.

Texts and letters have today been sent to those at the highest risk of complications from Covid-19.

Britain is now ahead of the curve where Italy was in terms of infections and fatalities and it is quite clear that the government’s efforts to request people observe social distancing and, where possible stay at home, are being ignored.

Put this together and surely we are building towards lockdown, as early as midnight tonight. Let’s look at the evidence: a government bill clearing parliament tonight, no daily briefing, COBRA meeting and the prime minister likely to address the country tonight.

That’s what I think, anyway, based upon the evidence at what is happening in our country. It seems to me that Boris Johnson’s laissez faire attitude to fighting Covid-19 has failed. Both he and the government are several steps behind public opinion which has clearly moved away from asking people to do things and it now wants its leader to tell people to do things.

Tonight, Johnson should address the country to announce the lockdown and explain very clearly why it needs to be done and how and why it will be enforced by law.

My feeling is that people are now ready for the lockdown. Words are not enough. It’s time for action.