Any idea what happens tomorrow? Can you remember? Ah yes: it’s Remembrance Sunday, where we commemorate our servicemen and women. Many brave people died fighting fascism, so can you guess who Andrew Marr has invited to be a guest on his BBC programme, tomorrow morning? Marine Le Pen, that’s who. A neo-fascist.

I have grave doubts about allowing fascists airtime at the best of times. To be fair, BNP Nick Griffin completely self-destructed following a disastrous appearance on Question Time, but he was never anything more than a tinpot irritation rather than a serious threat to our country. Nigel Farage has engineered our departure from the EU but Oswald Mosley he ain’t and as the country in general lurches to the right, Theresa May provides the dog-whistle politics the far right crave. It is not so much an objection to Le Pen’s appearance on Marr’s show. It’s the fact that it is on Remembrance Sunday.

Marr’s editor doesn’t get it. He tweeted: “If you’re unhappy about Marine Le Pen’s electoral success fair enough, but that success – and Trump’s shock win – justify this interview.” Well, only a fascist would welcome Le Pen’s electoral success, but hang on a minute. I can see why Marr’s team would want her on because, yes, she has a story to tell, albeit one of hate, but tomorrow?

Because Le Pen is a fascist, that means she has at least some things in common with Adolf Hitler. I am assuming the BBC has heard of Hitler, although the powers-that-be do not appear to have realised the unfortunate timing of her appearance on national TV, just a couple of hours before we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Maybe if the host was Andrew Neil, or Jeremy Paxman, I might feel a bit more relaxed, because Marr, for all his posing and posturing, is not a true heavyweight in the interviewing department. But to have a fascist on live TV on one of the most important days of the year strikes me as crass, to say the least.