In a few weeks, it is highly probable that Britain’s ambassador to the US, one Sir Kim Darroch, will be axed prematurely by the next prime minister, Boris Johnson. He will be axed on the basis of Donald Trump’s twitter account by a blowhard liar and shyster who will do so on the basis of self-interest and desperation, terrified that the mythological ‘special relationship’ enjoyed between our two countries will crash and burn. This is what ‘taking back control’ looks like.

One of the main roles of an ambassador is to provide honest and independent advice and guidance. In Darroch’s case, that’s what he did in relation Trump’s dysfunctional administration. In fact, he is obliged to give impartial and objective information and expects confidentiality. Which is why the leak is so disturbing.

The idea that his comments were leaked by a fellow civil servant are absurd. They will know and understand Darroch’s role better than anyone else. I am more interested in the chain of events that led to the leak.

The story happened to come the way of Isabel Oakeshott, the right wing journalist who wrote the story for the Mail. Oakeshott is very close to Arron Banks, the main funder of Leave EU. The first person to condemn Darroch was Nigel Farage, the man who set fire to the country by helping to bring about Brexit in the first place. And a man who would just love to be the UK ambassador to…Christ: I sound like a conspiracy theorist. But when you are confronted with the evidence of your own eyes, it all makes sense.

Our loss of face, our loss of credibility and our loss of influence around the world accelerates by the day, as we always knew it would. If this country throw Darroch to the wolves, we will be in full surrender mode.

For once, Theresa May gets it right in giving full support to our ambassador who, I repeat, was doing his job. She’ll be off in two weeks and Johnson will remove him immediately, hoping that as parliament shuts down for the summer we will all forget about it. The saddest thing is many of us will forget about it. If Brexit tells us anything, it confirms we never learn by our mistakes. Getting rid of the British Ambassador in response to a twitter account will be among the lowest points so far.