Although we do not yet know all the facts about the islamist maniac who murdered two people and injured three more in London yesterday, and recognising that it’s probably best not to speculate, the suggestion, repeated by politicians and journalists alike, that Usman Khan was somehow a lone wolf is nonsense. The idea that Khan was “acting alone” represents nothing more than a play on words.

It is likely, probably certain, that he was acting on the basis of a crazed philosophy, on the basis of a version of a religion. He had probably concluded that he was doing right by God, or Allah shall we say, by butchering innocent people going about their lives peacefully. He might even have finished his sentences with “peace be upon you”, as so many of his like do. I am not buying the lone wolf scenario. We have had more than enough lone wolves already, thank you very much.

There are, of course, more questions than answers, not the least important of which is why this man was out on licence in the first place, after having been convicted for terrorism offences in 2012. Now, my maths is not the best, but seven years, or less, for conspiring to murder innocent people? Really?Let’s look at the facts.

In 2012, Usman Khan was jailed for an indeterminate jail sentence over a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange. At the Court of Appeal in 2013, his sentence was quashed and he was given a 16 year sentence. In 2018, he was released on licence. Yesterday, it was revealed, beyond reasonable doubt, that he should not have been.

The Parole board said they had nothing to do with Khan’s release, so I look forward to the government telling us whose great idea it was? I’d also like to know the effects of the government’s savage spending cuts since 2010 contributed to the decision to free a convicted terrorist. I am not interested in politician crocodile tears, as we saw from Boris Johnson yesterday. In the cold light of day, we need facts. Who did what, why and how did it come to this?

What is blindingly obvious is that people are dead and others are seriously injured because a criminal maniac was allowed back on the streets after a minuscule sentence for a serious act of terrorism. It’s literally a life and death issue.