Our next prime minister was asked by Sky’s Sophy Ridge how much the minimum wage was. “It’s on or around £10,” said Boris Johnson. Ms Ridge had to point out that actual figure is £8.21. “Oh, that doesn’t matter,” his fans will probably say. “That’s Boris!” That’s right enough.

To say that Johnson doesn’t do detail is probably the biggest understatement in British politics. Quite apart from being a serial liar, an adulterer, a bullshitter who doesn’t even know how many children he has, Johnson simply doesn’t give a toss. The man who will be king loves only one man.

None of his family actually call him Boris. He’s ‘Al’ or ‘Alex’. Boris is not so much an invention, it’s a tragicomic subconscious creation.

The idea that many people see him as fit to run our country merely confirms the catastrophic state we are in as the country lurches towards disaster. That such a little toad should be in charge of anything, never mind the biggest and most complex event since World War Two, that is Brexit, is beyond comprehension.

His character does matter. The half truths at best, the outright lies as normal, should count against him. But somehow there are people who think the promotion of Johnson is in someway desirable. That the fate of the sick and the vulnerable, the poor and the homeless, the old and the young should hang with a narcissistic of the highest, or should that be lowest, order. A man who doesn’t even know the legal minimum wage.

Whilst Theresa May reduced the office of prime minister to levels of incompetence never before seen in the UK, Johnson will only make things worse. Johnson is not ‘a good laugh’, he’s a divisive, destructive shyster and huckster who, when given the chance, will turn this country into rack and ruin. You have been warned.