I have probably said more than enough about Jeremy Corbyn’s hideous version of the Labour Party, infected as it is by anti-Semitism and overrun, as it also is, by more bungling buffoons than you can shake a stick at. It’s fair to say that Boris Johnson’s Tory Party, lurching further to the far right by the minute, is more than a match for the people’s party.

If people say they hate politicians and politics and then vote Conservative, I will politely say they have lost their minds, for there is no political organisation on earth that systematically lies and misleads more often.

Everything that happens, at least in electoral politics, happens for a reason. Take Boris Johnson – please. He is stalling his possible interview with Andrew Neil for a very simple reason: he wants the postal votes out of the way, just in case it goes tits up. Johnson then refused to attend the leaders’ climate change debate on Channel Four, sending along instead Michael Gove, who, need I remind you, came third to Johnson in the leadership election and his own father. When C4 pointed out that neither man was in fact party leader, Gove and Johnson huffed and puffed about how the Tory Party was being prevented from taking part. “By the way,” added Gove. “Isn’t the C4 broadcasting license up soon?” Actual threats to journalism from a former journalist.

And the lies keep on coming. “Get Brexit done” is the key to Johnson’s campaign, an outright lie because leaving is the easy bit, leaving more cliff-edges next year as we seek an impossibly quick trade agreement or crash out of Europe with no deal. This stuff will go on for years, maybe decades. “Get Brexit done”, my arse.

The Conservatives have literally no shame at all. We all know Johnson is a shameless liar and it now turns out the entire party’s default position is to lie. Where once great politicians stood, like Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine, now stand political pygmies like Dominic Raab and Priti Patel. It’s like that on both sides of the political divide but let’s face facts: Johnson is going to win this election and win big.

A half-decent Labour leader, with its star performers on the front bench, not languishing on the backbenches, would have this lot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ineffectual Corbyn has rarely laid a glove on any Tory leader. His fans say he has seen off three Tory prime ministers (he really hasn’t, actually). I can assure you the Tory party would not be bothered, in fact they would really like it, if Corbyn saw off another three whilst in permanent opposition. They love the idea of him being leader of the opposition as much as Corbyn’s cult following.

This is a Tory slash and burn government in waiting, one that will rip apart the post war consensus and turn this country into a deregulated small state, low tax version of Singapore, a land fit for tax dodgers and Russian oligarchs.

We’re being had over big time and either people haven’t yet realised or they just don’t care.