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A 10-year recession

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A 10-year recession

“We are looking at a 10-year recession. Nothing ever experienced by those under 50. This is not the Brexit I was gunning for. I wanted a negotiated settlement to maintain the single market so that we did not have to become substantially poorer.” Who said that, then? Some bleeding heart lily-livered liberal remoaner, refusing to accept THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE? Or the biased left wing media, like the Express, Mail, Telegraph and Sun? No. These were the words of one of the chief Brexiteers, Pete North of the Leave Alliance. And even he is horrified by Theresa May and her bungling government who appear to be leading Britain off a cliff.

Mr North appears to express the views of someone who believes in a soft Brexit, with as little disruption to the country as possible. Yet even in the words he uses in his blog, he has acknowledged that leaving the EU will make us worse off. The key words here are “substantially poorer”, meaning a tacit acceptance that even if we stay in the single market, by leaving the EU we would be poorer. He does not define just how much poorer it would make us but his statement is clear. “The will of the people”, on the basis of Mr North’s comments were to make ourselves poorer and so, if we leave the single market as well, we will be ‘substantially poorer”.

I give the man credit for at least being honest and upfront, something which you could certainly not expect from your usual prominent Brexiteer. Shysters and liars like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson (other shysters and liars are available) at no stage told us we would be worse off, even though they must have known we would be. In fact, the Brexit liar in chiefs promised us untold riches, not an economy that is already stalling and could eventually crash and burn.

Pete North, who is not to be confused with the Canadian adult entertainer of the same name, is nonetheless content to have the 10-year recession he anticipates, as well as to see the people of Britain becoming “substantially poorer”. He adds: “I prefer an uncertain future to the certainty I was looking at.” Yes, that stable, prosperous and certain future, trading freely the biggest single market in the world, the freedom to register EU migrants (even though we chose never to bother with that), in a country where our sovereignty was never threatened or undermined, able to enjoy the freedom to live, love, travel, study and work in any EU we wanted to.

The consequences of leaving the EU are coming down the track at increasing speed. Slowly but surely it is beginning to dawn on us that Brexit was not the walk in the park we were all promised, rather the precise opposite. Any kind of Brexit is bad news for Britain, as one of its prime movers now admits, it’s now just a question of how bad.

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